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Rentals - 

Our office no longer handles rental properties.  

As a helpful service for those looking to rent, we are providing website links to some of the other property management companies in Spartanburg that we know about, so please check out the links below:




Chase E. Furnas & Co. Website Link


Roland Management Inc. Website Link

Palmetto Rentals

Keith-Evans Real Estate & Property Mgmt

Light Property Management Inc

Reedy Property Group

Applewood Estates Property Mgmt Website Link

JP Mac Properties Website Link

Central Property Management

Tons of Rentals (Asheville Property Mgmt)

Drayton Mill Lofts

Pepperwood Property Mgmt

McDaniel Leasing Website

Craigs List Website Link  (or Facebook Martketplace) SEE NOTE BELOW!!

Please keep in mind that there has been a certain amount of FRAUD involved in Craigs List and Facebook Marketplace advertising!

DO NOT send any monies to someone who states they are "out of state" or "out of the country" or "missionaries out of the country" (A VERY POPULAR SCENARIO), so please be careful! 

IF THEY CANNOT show you the property or they ask for "deposit" or "first and last month's rent"  front before they allow you to see it or ask you to fill out an application, be extremely doubtful they are legitimate!  You really need to meet the owner or property manager in person to show you the house, give you a business card, ask questions as to power, water, trash, schools, or other issues as a test to verify that the rental is legitimate.  Ask who the owner is, EXPECT that they will be able to hand you an application for that rental!  There are also owners who have used combo boxes for having repairs done or to sell a house and given the code to someone who turns around and advertises it for rent in order to scam people!  People have lost thousands of dollars to scammers! 

Scammers will also post houses that are for sale (not for rent) and try to get you to send them a "deposit" or "first and last month's rent" etc.!  A true "RED FLAG" is if you drive by or walk around an advertised rental and it has a Real Estate sign in front of it and you have been talking to some other person trying to rent it who is NOT with that Real Estate company!  Do not fall for it!  You will lose your money!  We do advertise on Craigs List, but we show you the house!  We give you our business card!  We hand you a legitimate application form.  We do not accept "deposit money" before you are approved for the rental.  We are LOCAL!

Please note that we do not endorse any property management company above and have no control of their website content.  We are providing the above links of legitimate property management companies in our area as a service to assist those looking for rentals in the Spartanburg area since we handle so few. 


You will notice that we do not put links to large apartment complexes in the Spartanburg County area - they keep changing their names too - but they do post to several of the above generic links .


Thank you and we hope that you are successful in your search for Spartanburg rentals!

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We have a number of people call looking to see if we have any "Rent-to-Own" houses.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  So let me climb up on my soap box and tell you WHY it is a VERY BAD investment/loss of money for the renter/buyer.

 1.  The owner does not want to make needed repairs (and there will be repairs needed).
 2.  Owner wants tenants that will give them money every month no matter what. 
 3.  Owner will not make any repairs the entire time tenant lives there (unless in writing prior to move in).
 4.  Tenant never actually owns the property (deed not transferred nor taxes in tenant's name at "occupied" rate).
 5.  Any improvements that tenant makes to the property are never reimbursed.
 6.  Contractors will not let tenant "finance" for repair work as tenant does not actually own it.
 7.  Tenant will lose any "down payment" or "security deposit" money when they get frustrated and move out.
 8.  Owner never signs over the deed to the tenant who may have lived there a year or 30 years.
 9.  Owner can at any time SELL the property right out from under tenant and new owner can evict the tenant.
10.  Owner/Seller can have a mortgage (or obtain one) while you are supposedly "buying" the house and they can
        default on the loan (not pay it) and it can be foreclosed upon and you would be forced to move out.

We therefore only recommend that prospective buyers look at "Owner Financing" or "Contract for Deed" when they are not able to get normal financing - as the deed does get transferred over to the buyer, the taxes are much lower, they can contract to have work done or financed to the house.  A home that cannot pass the appraisal process that is required of normal home loans would have to be done via Owner Financing or Contract for Deed.  Be sure to be well advised before you take this step ... seek the help of a Realtor who has been in the business for a long time!
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